10 Red Flags That A Church Will Close-Down Soon

Surely, this is never the desire of any Pastor or Congregation. Nobody wants to conduct funeral for a once-vibrant ministry.
Many churches sometimes go through situations that only prompt actions (both divine and human) could have solved. In some instances, the challenges churches face are deeply rooted, but the minister and his members have been blinded or confused by them.
In many of these circumstances there are obvious signs evident in many churches on the precipice of closing. The occurrence of a combination of these signs should make anyone to cringe. Indeed, it could be closing sooner than almost anyone in the church would anticipate. These signs are:
1. Chronic drop in attendance; Worship attendance is in a steady decline. Offerings may decline more slowly as the "remnant" gives more to keep the church going.
2. More singles marry outside the denomination; Yes, the right to who and where to marry rests with individual members within scriptural boundaries. However, it is a red flag when majority of the singles insist on marrying outside the church where they grew up.
3. Sin on the altar; The scriptures say ‘’the wages of sin is death”. Either secret or open, once the altar oozes of defilement, the church enters the phase of spiritual necrosis
4. The church is unable to attract membership from the local community in which it is located; in this case, many members come from places outside the local community to attend fellowship. The community knows little or nothing about the church and vise versa.
5. When there are more aged members than youths. In a situation when there are more brethren waiting for their 70s, 80s and 90s than those applying for their first driver’s license.

6. The church mostly reminisces on the-good-old-days; Those good old days may have been 25 or more years in the past. Often a hero pastor of the past is held as the model to emulate.
7. Spiritual Barrenness; There are no new converts, rather more attention is given to ephemeral programs and activities than productive evangelistic outreaches. Their definition of discipleship is "others taking care of my needs."
8. The budget is severely inwardly focused; Most of the funds are expended to keep the lights on and/or to meet the preferences of the members. There are few cash for ministry and missions. Money for missions rarely includes the involvement of the members in actually sharing the gospel themselves.
9. There are sacred cow facilities; It might be a parlor or a pulpit. It could be pews instead of chairs. It might be the entirety of the worship center or the sanctuary. Members insist on holding tightly to those things God wants us to hold loosely.
10. A change-resisting atmosphere; When the congregation, despite all indications, remains rigid with extra-biblical policies that are clearly having negative effect on the ministry.
Dr. Thom Rainer, the president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention recommends that churches that experience four or more of these signs have three choices:
  • They can embark on a process of change and revitalization.
  • Or they can close the doors for a season and re-open with a new name, a new vision, and some new people.
  • Of course, the third choice is to do nothing. That is the choice to die.
Sadly many churches will fall into the third category if there is no positive and drastic intervention, as records show that thousands of churches fold-up annually.

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  1. May God keep our churches, holy, healthy and happy,daily growing in God's grace.


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