Reno's Priceless Nugget on Marriage.

1. Never marry just because plans are at an advance stage. If there is doubt in your heart, call it off. Embarrassment is better than a wrong union. It is easier to change I dont into I do than to change I do to I don't. And be aware that the sexier the woman, the higher the maintenance. The lovelier the woman. The lower the maintenance. Sexy is expensive. Love is not. Do not be moved by beauty. With fake hair, fake lashes and fake eyes, any girl can be fine. Focus on character. It has no fake.

2. For the women, with wife beating so prevalent, don't just busy yourself with how deep his pocket is. Also find out how deep his anger can get. For the men, marry productive women not seductive ones. Productive women add value to you. Seductive women subtracts value from you. For both sexes, be rich, be popular, be powerful, be successful, be important, but the best thing to be in this world is to be yourself. Whether you are married or not, be aware that spending big money to bury parents that you refused to give a good life while alive is one of the most wicked crimes on earth.

3. A woman who is looking for a perfect husband will never marry, for there are no perfect men, few good men and many regular men. In fact, foolish women fall for men who know how to pleasure them. Wise women go for men who know how to treasure them. A refined girl is better than a fine girl because fineness fades fast with age but refinement improves as you mature. And whether you are a man or a woman, don't be ashamed of your background. Focus on improving your future. Jesus was born in an animal barn but now lives in heaven.

4. God ordained a man to look after his wife. He did not ordain man to look after girlfriends. That one is the devil's ordination. Look after your parents, your wife and your family and get blessed. Look after your girlfriend and get stressed! And train up your daughter to exude love not sex. Never call her sexy. Teach her not to see it as a compliment. Teach her she is lovely not sexy. Finally, aim to be wealthy not rich. Being rich means you have lots of money. Being wealthy means you have investments that bring money.


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