JFK's 100th Birthday: Here Are 7 Things You Didn't Know About Him

May 29th marks the 100th birthday of John F. Kennedy, the former president whose life was cut tragically short on November 22, 1963.

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Kennedy and his presidency remain an interesting study, marked by intrigue and tragedy, including his famous affair with Marilyn Monroe, a near-assassination attempt before his inauguration, and his changing philosophy on economics. 

Here are seven things you didn't know about Kennedy:

1. Kennedy donated his presidential and congressional salaries to charityA $10 million trust fund that Kennedy's father had established for him was more than enough to provide a living for Kennedy, so he was able to donate the salaries he earned as president and in his 14 years in Congress to charity.

2. Kennedy was plagued with myriad health problems throughout his lifeAccording to Kennedy historian Robert Dallek, Kennedy "could barely climb a flight of stairs and could not put on his own socks" and was on a plethora of medication.

3. Kennedy didn't want Lyndon Johnson to succeed himThe reason Kennedy selected him as his running mate in 1960 was to prevent him from stalling his agenda as Senate Majority Leader, otherwise Kennedy and his allies didn't particularly care for Johnson. As Kennedy's vice-president, Johnson didn't take on any real responsibilities or give his opinion on matters, although he was loyal to Kennedy.

4. The death of one of Kennedy's babies brought him and his wife Jackie, closer togetherJackie Kennedy had previously suffered a miscarriage and given birth to a stillborn baby; in 1963 she gave birth to a baby boy named Patrick six weeks early with a condition called hyaline membrane disease that prevents oxygen from reaching the baby's blood. Boston's Children's Hospital fought to keep Patrick alive but unfortunately their efforts were futile.

5. Kennedy initially dabbled in Keynesian economics as president, but then switched to supply-side tax cuts when the Keynesian policies predictably failed. 

6. Kennedy engaged in an affair with Marilyn Monroe in the White House. He engaged in several other affairs as well.

7. Kennedy was almost assassinated before his presidential inauguration. 

Source: Daily Wire

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