New Bill To Eliminate Current America Visa Lottery System

Republican Representatives Dana Rohrabacher (Ca.) and John Carter (TX.) jointly sponsored a bill on Friday that eliminates the diversity visa lottery program.

In a letter addressed to his House colleagues, Rohrabacher wrote:

“This bill would eliminate the currently existing and highly controversial diversity visa lottery program (which currently allocates 55,000 visas annually), and replace it with a new program whereby an individual who pays a $1 million fee to the U.S. government ($500,000 for dependent children) will be granted a visa for permanent residence.

Furthermore, the individual would be granted citizenship within two years of the transaction. Importantly, the legislation would require that such visa and citizenship seekers meet the same admissibility and vetting requirements that pertain to all other visa and citizenship seekers.”

The diversity visa lottery program is opposed by many Republicans, some of whom believe it should be replaced by a visa program that gives preference to skilled workers.

This proposed bill would set the collected funds into an account for “border security” and “immigration enforcement,” which would then be managed by the Secretary of Homeland Security.

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