Another Nigerian in Guinness World's Records (PHOTOS)

The world’s most expensive suit costs just over $100,000. The “Alexander Amosu,” named after the designer himself, features nine 18-carat gold and pave set diamond buttons and is made from gold and platinum threads, the rarest silks and a blend of Himalayan Pashmina, Qiviuk and Vicuna.

Though it is rumored that orders for the suit have been placed by business tycoon Duncan Bannatyne, actor James Caan and Formula One driver Adrian Sutil, but Amosu was elusive about commissions: “A private buyer has already bought one, but I cannot say who,” he told ABC News.(Courtesy Alexander Amosu).

The man who has an incredible affinity towards gold and diamonds, Stuart Hughes, has finally taken a new road in creating extremely luxurious products for the insanely rich. Mr. Hughes, who is normally associated with the world’s most expensive mobile phone and has been in the business of making ordinary gadgets and gizmos into extraordinary luxury products, has now teamed up with legendary designer, Richard Jewels of Manchester, to bring forth the world’s most expensive suit.

This all new gorgeous hand tailored suit took nearly 600 hours to create and is made entirely from cashmere wool, silk and diamonds. The entire suit is composed of over 480 diamonds, with each of them being placed strategically all over the suit.

All the diamonds when combined together, weigh an astounding 24 octs and each of these diamonds is a single cute gem, color G, VS2 quality, weighing in at 0.5 octs. To maintain the exclusivity of the world’s most expensive suit that costs, $892,250, Stuart Hughes and Richard Jewels will create only three suit pieces, meaning that only three lucky and incredibly rich men in the world would adorn this incredible suit.

This all new suit has edged out Amosu’s $103,000 suit, which was considered to be the world’s most expensive suits and now the combination of Stuart Hughes’s incredible craftsmanship with diamonds and Richard Jewels’ exquisite tailoring has now brought a gorgeous men’s suit.

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