BREAKING: N. Korea frees imprisoned U.S. citizen

Photo credit: Reuters 
At least one of the U.S. citizens being detained in North Korea has finally been set free.

Otto Warmbier, a 22-year-old University of Virginia student from Cincinnati, Ohio, was detained on January 2, 2016 while visiting North Korea as a tourist with Young Pioneer Tours.

He was charged with stealing a political sign from a staff-only floor in the Yanggakdo International Hotel in Pyongyang. After being allowed a one-hour trial in March 2016, he was found “guilty” and sentenced to 15-years of hard labor for his crime.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson announced that the State Department has secured Warmbier’s release at the request of President Trump, and the student is now on his way back to the United States.

Tillerson said the State Department is still in discussions with North Korea regarding the other Americans who are also being held there.

Warmbier’s physical condition, however, is being questioned, as multiple news outlets are reporting that he is being returned “in a coma”, a condition that he allegedly has been in for the past year. Confirmation of that report is still pending.

Warmbier’s release comes at the same time as former NBA player Dennis Rodman is returning to North Korea for a visit – reportedly his fifth trip to North Korea. Rodman has become “friends” with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

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