Ethiopian refugees on trial for brutal rape (Video)

A trial is currently underway in Germany in the case of three Ethiopian asylum seekers who allegedly brutally attacked and raped a Hungarian woman in August 2016.

The victim, Laura G., 28, reportedly broke down in court Monday as she described the attack against her, near a town fair in Mühlhausen, Germany.

Her three attackers, all refugees from Ethiopia, have been identified as Isaak N., 23, Dawit T. 22, and Medhanie A., 29. She managed to get away from the first one, only to be caught by the other two, in the brutal, group assault.

The next day the men were arrested, and DNA samples from two of the suspects was a match.

During the trial, Isaak N. reportedly tried to claim the incident was consensual, and the other two denied any involvement, claiming they had gone home and gone to bed early.

The trial is still ongoing, according to the Daily Mail.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has insisted on continuing to accept the refugees, despite the rising attacks.

In the following video, released last year, German women are speaking out against the massive numbers of rapes by Muslim migrants.

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