Father holds child over high rise balcony for social media fame

An Algerian man was sentenced to two years in prison Tuesday, after dangling a baby out on a balcony in search of likes on Facebook.

The man, originally thought to be the baby’s father, posted a photo to Facebook of himself holding the baby by the collar of his shirt off a several story high apartment balcony with the caption “1,000 likes or I”ll drop him.”

The 15th floor apartment is located in Algeria’s capital, Algiers, and is owned by the child’s father, a relative of the man convicted.

The convicted man attempted to argue the picture had been doctored and that the baby had never been in any real danger. “The picture was taken in a balcony with protective barriers. These were removed,” he was quoted as saying about the alleged edited photo.

The father attempted to plead to the court in defense of the man claiming he was just playing a game.

But the judge would hear none of it, saying the photo was all the evidence he needed.

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