Hackers could use your voice assistant to drain your bank account

Hackers may use voice assistants such as Amazon’s Echo to raid bank accounts, according to experts. The gizmos help us shop online, keep diaries and turn on devices in the home.

They listen continuously and record once they hear control words such as Echo’s “Alexa.”

Jason Nurse, from the University of Oxford, fears crooks could make them record all the time — without owners knowing.

The cybersecurity expert said it will only be a matter of time before criminals find a way to hack the devices, which sell for as little as $49.99.

He said: “They could hear holiday plans and credit card details.”

“There is also a risk a kid may tell Alexa to turn on the oven, leading to a fire. I wouldn’t have them at home. I’m skeptical of what they’re recording.”

“Self-driving cars, webcams, smartphones, ovens and baby monitors have already been hacked.”

“It’s only a matter of time before hackers target voice assistants too.”

But other speakers at the Cheltenham Science Festival will say that Echo could soon be adapted to help the elderly by alerting carers to strange noises.

Amazon said: “We have taken measures to make Echo secure.”

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