Just before Father’s Day, dad donates kidney to his son

In 2005, Gage Lipscomb began to have chronic fevers when he was just two-years-old.

"We just knew something didn't feel good. He was crying a lot and we'd been taking him to doctors and they just didn't really see what was going on," said Gage's mom, Terrie Lipscomb.

The Lipscomb family found a doctor who discovered Gage had an acute UTI.

Tests were run and results showed his kidneys were failing.

That night he was flown to Texas Children's Hospital in Houston where he underwent surgery.

12 years later, Gage needs a new kidney after having one removed when he was six. His donor, his dad.
"He has one left and the bigger he gets the less function it has and he's growing so he's going to get one of mine now and we're hoping he's going to sprout up like a weed and everything goes good," said Gage's father, David Lipscomb.

"It's probably best that he's giving it to me because it's just the best match, so it should work out the best. Also he's my dad, so it's just good," added Gage Lipscomb.

The father and son say they have no fear going into the big surgery.

"God's had his hand in this since the beginning," said David.

"I'm not worried about it at all. I just want to get out and can't wait til that happens and everything just afterwards. I'm not really looking forward to the surgery. I'm just looking towards after it," said Gage.

The family says their faith in God has helped them through the process.

"God gives us what he knows we can handle. But all of our crosses are made just for us and those are the ones that we give back. And that's what I want God to do is bless all these people abundantly for their generosity," said Terrie.

Gage checked into Texas Children's on Tuesday afternoon.

The surgery will take place on Wednesday.

St. Joseph's Catholic School in Bryan will hold a mass Wednesday morning at 8:15 a.m. to pray for a successful surgery. The mass will be followed by a rosary.

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