JUST IN: ISIS issues threat at its next target

In its most recent propaganda video, ISIS militants in Afghanistan threatened to perpetrate attacks inside Russia.

Circa News reported that the militants, known locally as Islamic State-Khorasan province (IS-K) contended that Russia’s Federal Security Service Bureau (FSB) had infiltrated their organization.

According to Circa News, “The video featured the interrogations of several alleged spies who are forced to admit that they were working for Russia. ISIS militants later executed the accused men, warning ‘we will take our revenge on Russia’ for the country’s involvement in military operations in Syria.”

Since its rise in 2013, ISIS has carried out one attack in Russia, targeting its FSB headquarters in Khabarovsk in April. Russian officials reported that local resident A.V. Konev, 18, opened fire inside the headquarters’ lobby, leaving two dead.

The video also features an ISIS militant, who claims to be Russian, saying that many native Russians have traveled to Afghanistan to join IS-K.

The Daily Caller reported that “Russia has a significant Muslim population, generally located in the North Caucasus region. Law enforcement officials in Chechnya believe that as many as 4,000 Chechens have joined ISIS in Iraq and Syria.”

Although Russia has strongly criticized ISIS in its rhetoric, the country has conducted limited attacks against the terror group.

According to The Daily Caller, “The Kremlin sent forces to Syria under the guise of protecting its ally, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, against ISIS forces, but a study in October revealed that Russian strikes were focused mostly on Syria rebel targets in the early part of the month.”

Russia has been criticized by U.S. officials for its suspected support of Taliban forces in Afghanistan, although Russia denies the claim. Experts contend that the support is the Kremlin’s attempt to counter the growing presence of IS-K in the country.

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