Piers Morgan Grills London Mayor Over Terrorists (video)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan was on the hot seat Tuesday, during an interview on “Good Morning Britain” with Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid.

The discussion was regarding the approximately 400 people who had left Britain to train and fight among terrorists in the Middle East.

Khan admitted that “just over half” had returned back to Britain.

“Where are they?” Morgan demanded. “No seriously, where are they?!”

Khan stammered and stuttered, saying that’s why it doesn’t make sense for the government to be cutting resources for the police.

Reid asked, “How are we letting people back in to the U.K., who haven’t just been trained – they’ve actually fought – potentially against our troops – how are we letting them back in without knowing exactly where they are and what they’re up to? Out of all the thousands of people that we’re concerned about, surely those who’ve actually gone to fight are the biggest risk?”

“I can’t follow 400 people,” Khan stammered. He said it’s all the fault of the budget.

Piers wouldn’t let him off the hook. “What could be a bigger priority than people coming back from a Syrian battle field with the intent to harm British citizens? What are these people allowed to come back in the first place, and then the London mayor doesn’t even know where they are?”


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