Ramadan 2017: 161 Terror Attacks, 1,483 Dead, 1,557 Wounded

Photo credit:AFP
Islam's holiest month of fasting and prayer began May 26 and runs until tomorrow, June 24. So far, there have been 161 terror attacks and 1,483 killed, reports The Religion of Peace website, which keeps a running tally. Another 1,557 were wounded.

Among the attacks: A dozen people were killed in Pakistan by a Fedayeen suicide bomber; A suicide car bomb outside a bank killed 30 in Afghanistan; a Shahid suicide car bomber rammed a police station in Somalia, killing eight; Eight more were killed by a Fedayeen suicide bomber in Cameroon; A police officer at a Michigan airport was stabbed in the neck by a man shouting praises to Allah; and a suicide car bomber posing as a milk delivery man killed 15 in Somalia.

Islamist terrorists use the holy month to ramp up attacks on non-believers because they get additional rewards for becoming martyrs during Ramadan. While many of the attacks are in the Middle East, a slew have happened in the West, including two deadly attacks in England and another in Australia. In all, 29 countries have been sites of terrorist attacks.

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