Rescue Dogs Mobilized For Deadly Landslide

Rescue dogs are being zip lined to the scene of a buried mountain town in China, as rescuers search for any survivors of a massive landslide that ravaged the area Sunday morning.

More than 2,500 people are searching the rubble of Xinmo Village, located in the mountainous southwestern province of Sichuan, but only 9 bodies and three survivors have been recovered so far.

The three survivors are in stable condition, a couple and a month old baby.

Officials believe the landslide was likely triggered by rain, a common occurrence in the region, but the subsequent landslide was more powerful than usually expected. The search process is a demoralizing one, as the survival rate is extremely low.

“This is useless,” villager Han Jianying, searching for missing family members, told Reuters. “Everyone’s going to be in pieces anyway.”

“We weren’t able to pull anyone out alive,” said Wu Youheng, who lives in a neighbouring village and rushed to help on Saturday.

100 people remain missing.

Photo credit: Reuters 

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