Teen Falls From 25-Ft Amusement Park Ride (Video)

Hanging from a stopped gondola ride at an Albany, New York Six Flags Amusement Park, a terrified 14-year-old girl from Delaware screamed for help on Saturday as dozens of witnesses and park employees gathered on the ground below to catch her.

An eyewitness video shows people waiting for the unidentified teenager to let go of the ride before taking a frightening 25-foot plunge into the arms of her rescuers.

She hit a tree branch on the way down but was miraculously caught before first responders transported her to Albany Medical Center without any serious injuries, according to Warren County Sheriff’s Office.

It has not yet been determined what caused the teen to fall out of the two-person car, but reports said that she was riding with an unidentified man at the time. Six Flags officials said in a statement that the “Sky Ride” was working fine, and that there doesn’t seem to have been “any malfunction.”

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