Tough father’s day for man who sired 23 children for strangers

Photo Credit: Tamara Beckwith
This Father’s Day, he’s still the most in-demand dad in town.

A year after The Post revealed that CUNY math professor Ari Nagel had fathered 23 kids — some conceived the old-fashioned way, others involving sperm handoffs at public spots such as the Atlantic Center Target in Downtown Brooklyn — he’s back. Nagel, 41, has donated his supersperm to even more women, resulting in four kids born since last Father’s Day. And eight other ladies, from Florida to Maryland to The Bronx, are currently pregnant because of him.
In fact, wannabe mommies from all over the globe have reached out to Nagel after seeing his story in The Post: He’s had inquiries from Turkey, Nigeria, South Africa and even China.

The Sperminator’s summer is jam-packed with trips timed to ovulation schedules. He’s flying to Israel this week to meet a woman who will have Nagel freeze his sperm at a clinic in case her first attempt at pregnancy is unsuccessful. After that, he’s off to Vietnam. 

A week after Nagel was first profiled in The Post last Father’s Day, he admitted that his wife — with whom he lives in Downtown Brooklyn and shares three children, ages 13, 6 and 3 — of 12 years was upset by the situation. Although Nagel claimed his wife, with whom he said he did not have a romantic relationship, knew of his Sperminator hobbies, an anonymous tipster told The Post she “had no idea.”

Today, Nagel won’t discuss his home life other than to say he and his “religious” wife’s arrangement hasn’t changed since last year. “She wasn’t livid” about his donations, per se, but rather about the media attention wreaking havoc on their otherwise private life.

While about 10 percent of the mothers don’t include Nagel in their children’s lives at all, he has met all of the kids. For others, he is a regular at birthday parties and school events. He’s sometimes even in the delivery room.

Nagel was also present this past spring when a Florida woman gave birth to his first set of twins.

Nagel doesn’t plan to procreate forever, however. “It’s only for another year or two,” he said. “There’s higher risks for birth defects as you get older, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable. I want the children to be healthy.”

He joked that he’d like to pass the baton one day to his now-13-year-old son. “He’ll take over,” said Nagel, who has already talked to the boy about it, adding that he’ll need his own nickname: “ ‘You can be the Ejaculator, not the Sperminator,’ ” he told his son.

Nagel admits that this is all a long way from his early life, when he was a “sheltered” kid from an insular Orthodox community in Rockland County. But he wouldn’t have it any other way: “Now I have family members from every stripe, race, creed, nationality and orientation. I’ve got a little United Nations.”

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