Two-headed porpoise discovered by fishermen (photos and video)

Photo: Erasmus MC University Medical Centre 
NETHERLANDS- A group of fishermen found a freaky looking two-headed porpoise. Unfortunately, the unique creature was dead. Fearing what would happen if the kept the fish, they tossed it back into the ocean. They did manage to take a few pictures, of course.
The pictures have caught the interest of experts at the University of Rotterdam, who are trying to understand more about partial twinning in marine creatures.

Photo: Erasmus MC University Medical Centre 
They have established that the porpoise died shortly after birth because its tail had not stiffened, a process that allows newborn porpoises to swim.

The experts say that there were nine cases of a conjoined twins in the cetaceans family, a group of marine life that includes whales and dolphins, before this discovery.

Photo: Erasmus MC University Medical Centre 

“The anatomy of cetaceans is strikingly different from terrestrial mammals with adaptations for living in the sea as a mammal. Much is unknown,” said Erwin Kompanje, of the Erasmus MC University Medical Center in Rotterdam. “Adding any extra case to the known nine specimens brings more knowledge on this aspect.”

Kompanje said even it’s extremely rare to find “normal twins” in cetaceans. “There is simply not enough room in the body of the female to give room to more than one fetus,” he said. Kompanje regrets the fact that the fisherman threw the porpoise back into the ocean since they will almost certainly never find it again.


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