Video: Chinese Factory Making Gross Fake Cans Of Budweiser Gets Busted

A word to the wise: if you find yourself in China craving a cold can of beer from the Land of the Free, you may want to holster that urge.

Footage has emerged showing an underground factory that was producing 600,000 crates of fake Budweiser a month and distributing it to bars, nightclubs, and restaurants. 

According to The Shanghaiist, which posted the clips to their Facebook page:

Recently three video clips making the rounds on WeChat have helped to shine light on one source, showing an underground factory in Dongguan which produced thousands upon thousands of fake cans of Budweiser each day before being busted by city authorities on May 5th.

In the first clip, female workers can be seen handling the recycled cans which are then canned by a machine on a conveyor belt in the next clip. Then, the third clip shows a Trade and Industry Bureau task force arriving at the factory to check out its stockpile.
Yes, those are barehanded workers dipping old used cans into a bucket of something resembling beer before they head off to be re-sealed. 

Youtube clip below just in case Facebook takes down the post above:

As Mashable noted, "A Budweiser representative told Hong Kong-based Ming Pao that the company had reported the matter to the police, and is seeking legal action. Anheuser-Busch InBev, which owns Budweiser, has 14 breweries in China, and is the third-largest beer brand in the country. The representative added that it has not franchised its operations to a third party."

Many beer connoisseurs on the internet theorized it would be difficult to tell the difference between the fake stuff and the real McCoy.

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