WATCH: The Toughest Woman In The Line Of Fire

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For those arguing that women aren’t as tough as men, if the video is true, this story should bury that idea forever.

In an amazing video, Kurdish journalist Hemze Hamza captured a female Kurdish sniper exchanging sniper fire with a member of ISIS in Raqqa on Tuesday who had an astonishing reaction when a bullet narrowly missed her head and smashed into the wall behind her.

She smiled.

According to the Sun, the Kurdish woman is a member of the “Women’s Protection Unit,” or YPG, which has roughly 7,000 volunteers strong and is primarily tasked with defending civilians from the Islamic State. The group allegedly helped rescue of thousands of Yazidis trapped on Mount Sinjar by ISIS fighters in 2014.

Mutlu Civiroglu, a Syrian and Kurdish affairs analyst, gave a rough translation of what the woman said: “I killed Daesh.” Someone off camera said the bullet almost killed her, prompting her to laugh and ask for the recording to stop.

Hamza tweeted:

Kurdish women know no fear. Your average human being would be scared for life after being so close to death but she kept laughing.— Hemze Hamza (@Sergermed_) June 27, 2017

In response to those who said the video was faked, saying the woman sniper’s position was faked, Maximilian Uriarte, a Marine Corps combat veteran and creator of the popular Terminal Lance comic, tweeted this:

Keyboard warriors calling the sniper video fake, here is a very easy diagram of how this could have went down.— Maximilian Uriarte (@TLCplMax) June 28, 2017

Video below:

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