Woman Attempting To Scatter Mother’s Ashes Receives Unfortunate Outcome (Video)

While on a tour of England, Liz Hopson, of Orlando, Florida, reportedly took along her late mother’s ashes and attempted to scatter a portion of the ashes off a bridge in Newcastle.

The attempt, which occured in April 2017, was an embarrassing failure, as noted in a video now circulating online.

Hopson tried to toss the ashes off the wrong side of the bridge, against the wind, resulting in the ashes blowing back into her face instead of off the bridge.

Hopson’s daughter, Lauren Hopson, posted the video to YouTube, along with the following explanation:

“My mom went to release some of my Nanna’s ashes off of Scotswood Bridge in England, but my Nanna had different plans. As upset as my mom seemed at the time, we both can’t stop cracking up at this. She has successfully released more ashes in other special locations across America as well. Rest In Peace Nanna!”

Video of the incident is included below:

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