Woman chains herself to bedroom to stop smoking

An Australian woman has chained herself to her bedroom— in a bid to quit smoking cigarettes, according to a report.

The 34-year-old, referred to only as Krystel, has been a cigarette-puffing, nicotine addict since she was 14 and has considered getting arrested to help her kick the habit, ABC Australia reported.

“I have thought about getting arrested because the only place in Australia you can quit [smoking] is prison,” Krystel told the outlet.

For the past 11 days, she’s been living inside of a self-created prison –thanks to the long chain she attached to her ankle that gives her enough room to reach the bathroom and access food, but no cancer sticks.

She said a recent abnormal pap smear result gave her the kick in the butt she needed to take control of her addiction and has had a difficult time quitting over the last two decades, ABC reported.

She previously tried Quitline, a telephone support service for nicotine addicts, and went cold turkey but said the physical side effects were too much to bear.

“I have gone so far as to wonder about being put in intensive care for a week, drop me off [in the bush] with tinned food and water and let me walk back,” Krystel joked.

“So I was thinking of worse methods, but I’ve come to the conclusion that a chain around the ankle and some supervision wouldn’t go astray.”

She’s admitted to having one cigarette during the last 11 days during a short period where she was unchained and out of the house but claims this is the longest she’s ever gone without smoking since she started.

The extreme measure is planned to go on for a few more weeks and Krystel has loaded herself up with canned food, packet food and puzzles to get her through the hump.

She said support from loved ones is crucial to get through such a difficult addiction and if they want “to be chained up… don’t call them a nutter.”

“I’ll take nutter over dead any day.”

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