BIZARRE: Surgeons Removed Giant Hairball From Girl’s Stomach

Photo credit: Doon Medical College
A teenage girl from India had been secretly eating her own hair for years, and as a result left herself with a medical emergency. Doctors had to surgically remove the large hairball which took up 80 percent of her stomach.

Aakansha Kumari, 16, began vomiting every time she ate, and she was loosing a significant amount of weight over a short period of time. Her parents realized something was amiss. They took her to Doon Medical College and Hospital in India. When doctors X-rayed her abdomen, they found a mass the size of a melon filling her entire stomach. (See photo above).

During the surgery, doctors were shocked when they found the huge lump of hair in her belly. Dr. Abhay Kumar, said: “The surgery was challenging because we had to extract the hairball in one go. We couldn’t do it piece by piece and risk dropping strands of hair in the body cavity as it would lead to further complications.”

Aakansha was diagnosed with trichophagia – a condition that causes people to compulsively eat their own hair.

She is expected to make a full recovery.

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