British “man” gives birth to baby

Photo credit: AFP
Hayden Cross was born a girl, but she wanted to become a man. So, she took hormone shots and all the things one has to do to change who they are physically. But Hayden didn’t complete all the steps because Hayden wanted to have a baby. Hayden just gave birth to the new baby girl via c-section.

Even though Hayden is technically a woman, one British news outlet called THE SUN is declaring Hayden as the first British man to give birth.

Now that the birth is complete, Hayden plans to finish the gender realignment process as soon as possible. The cost of gender reassignment is $33,000, including support and surgery.

Here is what Hayden told THE SUN about how he got pregnant: “In September I got pregnant by a sperm donation. I found the donor on the internet.”

Hayden continues, “I didn’t have to pay. The man came to my house, he passed me the sperm in a pot and I did it via a syringe.”

Hayden Cross has no contact with the child’s biological dad and does not know his name.

He added:“I found I was pregnant two weeks after the sperm was inserted. It was mixed emotions. I was happy but I also knew it would be backtracking on my transition. It’s like I have given myself one thing, but taken away something else. It’s a very female thing to carry a baby and it goes against everything I feel in my body. I was finally starting to become myself and become a man physically — but now my body is going in the opposite direction.”

Hayden ruled out breastfeeding, saying: “I hate my breasts, I want to have the child and get back to full transitioning.”

Hayden is one of those suffering from "Gender Confusion Syndrome", he was originally named Paige 21 years ago.

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