Male-to Female Transgender Boxer Racking Up Wins In Thailand

Screenshot: Reuters

Male-to-female transgender boxer Nong Rose Baan Charoensuk is racking up the wins in Thailand.

Wearing sports bras, tanks and shorts, the biologically male fighter identifies as a woman and fights men in the ring, and wins, a lot.

Karun "Priewpak" Kaemlam, a biologically male fighter, took a loss to Rose in five rounds earlier in the month.

"I wasn't able to fight her strength and big build," said Priewpak.

"She fights like a man because she is really a man," he added.

Priewpak suffered a cut just above his right eye from the 21-year-old.

The duo fought in at Rajadamnern Stadium, where Rose was the first ever trans fighter to throw down in the ring. He was allowed entry to the stadium after winning 150 fights, 30 by way of knockout.

Rose was reportedly well received from the Thai crowd, a country known for their trans population.

"Being a transgender doesn't mean that we're weak," said Rose. "We can achieve anything as well."

Rose began fighting at eight years old, looking up to his uncle, a known fighter in Thailand. He also has a twin brother who boxes.

The fighter said he identified as female early in life and started wearing sports bras and makeup in the ring while training. His male opponents were hesitant about fighting him, said Rose.

"They would say they didn't want to fight with a gay person, as it would be embarrassing if they won or lost," Rose explained.

"I still face those insults, but I don't care about them," he added.

"Everyone respects and adores her," said the 56-year-old owner of the gym Rose trains at, Puttipong Plukram, adding that the fighter is "great role model."

While Rose identifies as a trans woman, he still fights other biological men, because genetically he is a man and shares male physical advantages over biological women.

In the United States, there are trans athletes like MMA fighter Fallon Fox, a biological male who identifies as female, fighting biological women, and crushing them. Fox once left a female opponent concussed and with a broken eye socket.

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