POLICE: New Video Proves Venus Williams Is Innocent

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Florida cops say according to new video released, Venus Williams’s deadly car crash supports her claim that she did nothing illegal.

The Palm Beach Gardens police stated on Friday that surveillance footage of the crash from early last month reveals that the tennis star’s SUV entered an intersection legally, on a green light before it clashed with the car carrying Jerome Barson.

Barson, a 78-year-old who was being driven by his wife Linda, died about a week later at a local hospital. His family took immediate action and sued Williams for allegedly causing the accident and running a red light.

Authorities said that 37-year-old Williams drove forward on a green light but stopped her Toyota Sequoia in the intersection because a Nissan drove in front of her.

She then proceeded forward and was t-boned by Barsons’s Hyundai Accent as the light turned green.

Barson’s family claim that Williams violated multiple traffic laws. At first the claim was backed up by a police report stating that Williams had violated the couple’s right of way.

However, the Friday police statement does not mention any such wrongdoing, but said that the investigation is ongoing.

Williams, who has blamed the crash on the fact that she stopped because of a traffic jam, broke down earlier this week when asked about it at a Wimbledon press conference.

“I am completely speechless and it’s just. I mean, I’m just,” she said before tearing up, later posting on Facebook that she is “heartbroken.”

His family’s lawsuit said Jerome Barson suffered injuries including organ damage, severed arteries, and a fractured spine. Linda Barson, 68, suffered a cracked sternum and a shattered arm.

Watch the video below:

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