Same Sex Marriage Passed In Germany: All Six Muslims In Bundestag Voted For It

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On Friday, the bill making same-sex marriage legal in Germany was passed in by the Bundestag 393-226, and there was one interesting sidelight: all six of Germany's Muslim members of parliament voted for same-sex marriage.

Despite the opposition of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU/CSU) party, including Merkel herself, the party’s MP Cemile Giousouf, the first Muslim elected into the Bundestag in 2013, voted in favor of the measure, along with four Muslim members of the Green Party: Cem Özdemir, Ekin Deligöz, Özcan Mutlu and Omid Nouripour, and Aydan Özoğuz, a Muslim MP for the center-left Social Democratic Party.

Die Welt confirmed that all six MPs consider themselves Muslim. 

Merkel has cited German law, her values as an evangelical Christian and those of her party, which describes its foundations as the “Christian understanding between people and their accountability before God,” as her reasons for opposing same-sex marriage.

Of the six politicians, the ancestry of five of them is Turkish; Nouripour was born in Tehran, Iran.

Whether the six would be willing to return to the lands of their origin and take the same position on same-sex marriage is debatable.

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