Spider bite leaves man fighting for his life

An unnamed man was walking through the grasslands of Skegness, in Lincolnshire, England, when he felt a stinging sensation on his bare foot.

It was then the man’s friend, Kim Needham, questioned his decision to go walking without shoes. Needham wrote on Facebook that her friend’s foot began swelling badly and she took him to Boston Pilgrim Hospital, where he was in critical condition for a full five days. Doctors referred to his condition as “blood poisoning.”

After the stinger was removed, the man’s condition brightened, but it was touch and go for a while. Needham says she didn’t want to incite panic with her post, just wanted to keep her friends updated.

“A friend of mine has spent over five days in a critical condition at Boston Pilgrims hospital with blood poisoning caused by a bite, it is not known what bit him but as he was walking around bare foot on grass, he felt a sharp pain like he’d stood on a twig. Two hours later his foot had swollen massively and was in severe pain. They don’t know what bit him but have mentioned a spider,” she wrote.

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