Suicide Belt Given As A Wedding Gift To Muslim Bride

A Spanish woman who integrated into ISIS was given a suicide belt as a dowry from her extremely dangerous terrorist husband.

Following an arrest by Turkish authorities, she has now been formally handed over to Spain’s jurisdiction and will likely face prison time.

A second woman arrested at the same time has also been extradited. Both Spanish women were married to Moroccan terrorist fighters and were caught in December of 2016. Identified by their initials of F.A.L. and A.A.L, they stand accused of belonging to ISIS.

A spokesman for Spain’s Ministry of Interior said today:

“The detainees, on whom an International Order of Detention was placed by the Civil Guard, remained in Daesh (ISIS) territory for more than two years and were married to Moroccan jihadists who have participated in mass killings. “

“In a context of extreme brutality, living voluntarily under the conditions of the terrorist group Daesh, the level of indoctrination in religious extremism makes these people a potential threat to national security. In addition, their links with very active members of the organisation make them key elements to be used as “facilitators” for the terrorist organization in Spain.”

In March of 2014, the woman identified as A.A.L left Spain for Syria where she married the Moroccan fighter Mohamed Hamdouch, also known as Kokito de Castillejos, “the decapitator of Castillejos.” During the ceremony, the terrorist gave his wife a belt of explosives as marital gift. They had one son together.

The other woman, identified as F.A.L, moved to Syria with her son in April of 2014 to meet her husband, the jihadist Mourad Kadi.

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