VIDEO: Russia Unveils Star Wars Military Armor

Russia is modernizing its military, and its beginning to look like something out of Star Wars.

On Thursday, Russian scientists at the Central Research Institute for Precision Machine Building in Moscow released a prototype for their new combat suit, and it has Russian soldiers outfitted to the max with cutting edge technology.

The Daily Mail reports that the suit is water and flame resistant, allows users a helmet with a target information screen and an underwater breathing apparatus, is titanium reinforced, and includes bullet proof boots that detect land mines. Suit wearers will also be able to carry more weight for longer periods of time.

Russia has worked extensively to upgrade their military the last several months, unveiling super suits that look like Storm Troopers in December 2016, and testing a remote controlled tank in April.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Institute, Russia spent $69.2 billion on its military in 2016, a 5.9 percent increase since 2015 and the third highest figure in the world.


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