WATCH: Emotional Video Of A Boy Asking His Stepfather To Legally Adopt Him

Screenshot: Twitter

In a heartwarming video sure to make you cry, 11-year-old Tyler from Conyers, Georgia, reads a touching letter to his stepfather and asks him to officially become his father via adoption.

Stepfather Don Gause, 47, has been in Tyler's life since the boy was just 18 months old.

Posing the set-up as if it were a baby shower, Don is first under the impression that someone is pregnant.

"Who's pregnant?" asks Don.

"Why do y'all have these cameras on me for?" he asks, now even more confused.

Then Tyler, through tears, reads a letter he's written for his stepfather:

When I was one and a half years old, something happened to me. God sent me a real dad.

I knew from the very first time I saw you who you were; you just didn't know.

You kept me when I was sick. You took me to my first day of school. Bought me my first bike, and taught me how to ride a bike. You taught me how to count. You correct me when I'm wrong. And you pick me up when I am down. You give me more than what I need.

I know that we were supposed to be father and son. People even say I look like you.

Dad, I have been your child in love since I can remember, but I want to be your son legally. Will you please adopt me?

Don, in tears, accepts and the two embrace.

"Y'all wrong for this s***, I'm gone kill you," jokes Don, still in tears.

Marcia Gause, Tyler's mother, was in on the surprise.

"Tyler was one and a half when Don came into his life, they have always had the relationship of father and son," Marcia told The Daily Mail.

"Don had no idea what was going on — we wanted to do it as if it was a baby shower because he always says I wish I could have been there when you had my son," she continued. "I asked Tyler about a year ago if he wanted to be adopted by Don and he was so excited he said yes with the biggest smile ever."

"[Tyler] is very wise for such a young person and has said before that God sent him the Daddy that was really meant for him," added Marcia.

"Don was so overwhelmed by what Tyler said to him, he was crying," she said, "Tyler was crying and it's hard to tell, but we were all crying through the laughs too."

You may not have tear ducts if you make it through this one without shedding a tear.


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