Elephants and tigers kill one person a day in India

In India, endangered elephants and tigers are killing a person a day as humans continue to take over their habitat, according to new government figures.

But citizens are fighting back; in return, they are killing one leopard a day as the raging war for space between man and animal is taken to new heights.

In recent decades, India has lost large swathes of forests to urbanization, forcing animals into human-occupied zones.

According to the environmental ministry, 1,144 people were killed in attacks across India in 1,143 days between April 2014 and May of this year.

The ministry stated 345 tigers and 84 elephants were killed in the same period, predominately in poacher attacks, as the mammals are hunted for their tusks.

The ministry’s Director General of Forests Siddhanta Das said human encroachment into animal territory is causing the brutal deaths.

Elephants accounted for 1,052 human deaths and tigers 92, according to the figures released to parliament last week.

The majority of the attacks on humans by elephants happen in places called elephant corridors, which the herds have used for centuries but are now being overrun by humans.

According to National Crime Records Bureau statistics, an astonishing 950 people were killed in animal attacks in 2015.

India has nearly 30,000 elephants and is home to half the world’s tiger population, with around 2,226 living in its reserves, according to the last official count in 2014.

Both elephants and tigers are listed as endangered species.

Fatality figures for the estimated 12,000 to 14,000 leopards living in the wild are also becoming concerning, according to a 2015 census.

More than 1,436 of the animals have been killed since January 2014, according to the Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI).

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