WATCH: Thai Man Teases Asian Black Bear With Food. Bear Eats Him Instead

Photo credit: Pixabay
On Wednesday, 38-year-old Fon Promlad decided to tease an Asian black bear in the Luang Pu Lamai Monastery in Phetchabun province, Thailand, by dangling a bowl of rice with a stick.

Local newspaper Khaosod English reported Promlad was teasing Kaew, the bear, with the bowl, when Kaew seized Promlad’s wrist and dragged him into the enclosure.

First, Kaew dragged Promlad around the enclosure, then pulled him into Kaew’s cage. Meanwhile, desperate onlookers poked Kaew with a stick and poured water on the bear.

Undeterred, the bear held onto Promlad, who apparently lost consciousness. Finally, caretakers of the bear dragged Promlad out.

On Thursday, Promlad was said to be in a critical condition.

Thairath Online, another local newspaper, quoted the caretaker of the bear, Wandee Khawasawat, asserting Kaew had never hurt anyone before. The report stated Promla visited the temple to adopt one of the boars the temple kept; humans were allowed near the animals' enclosures and could also feed the animals.

Khaosod reported Kaew was shifted from the monastery to a government wildlife center after the attack on Promlad and was “depressed.”

Video below: (warning: graphic)

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